Mario Kart Party Invitations

mario kart invitationIf you want a super easy Nintendo licensed Mario Kart invitation, you can get the from Celebrate Express for $3.59 for 8. Check them out here. These invitations (as seen to the right) are super easy to put together as you simply fill out the inside with the party details and you’re done. Of course you can add a little extra zip by adding in some star confetti!

Personalized Mario Kart Invitation
Another option to consider is the personalized version of the Mario Kart invitation above where you can add a photo of your child in the card. This option adds that personalized mario kart personalized invitationtouch and also makes a terrific souvenir or memory piece for years down the road! You simply visit the personalized Mario Kart invitation site, upload a photo, crop as needed and enter the party details. Although this option costs a bit more it cuts down on the work of having to write in each card individually!

Homemade Mario Kart Invitation Ideas
If you’re looking for a little more creativity and willing to go through a bit more work, here are some additional ideas.

NES Super Mario Kart Invitation
Go down to your local video game exchange store. You can pick up some old NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) cartridges for a pretty good price. Cover the front with a label with colored fonts with the birthday info telling them it’s a Super Mario Kart birthday. It adds a retro video game vibe to the party (parents may have to explain what the cartridge is to some of the younger kids!).

Earthbound GAME ONLY Super NES 1995

Earthbound GAME ONLY Super NES 1995

US $175.00

More Details

Steering Wheel Invitation
Another idea is to use a large circle cutter to cut a large circle from a heavy while cardstock. Make a simple steering wheel on one side. On the other side put the birthday detail information. OR…You could cut a smaller circle and put the birthday information on that and glue a few pieces of star confetti to the card.

mario moustache
Moustache Party Invitation
To make an easy home made invitation, take red or green cardstock (Mario and Luigi colors) and draw a simple moustache on the front. On the front, print or print a label in the opposite color (red or green) that says: “Mario and Luigi invite you to _________’s Super Mario Kart Birthday Party. On the inside give the details of the party. It’s simple, but the moustache is iconic of Mario and Luigi. Oh, and don’t forget to add that star confetti inside!

Checkered Flag Invitation
For another unique idea get checkered flags from your local party story or dollar store. Get a large label and print out the following (in a colorful font of course!): “Race over to __________’s Super Mario Kart Birthday Party!!! Include the rest of the birthday party details. Of course, you can also purchase a checkered flag invitation if that's what you're looking for but don't have the time to create your own.

Hopefully these ideas help to create a truly unique and fun Mario Kart Invitation. If you have more ideas let us know in the comments below!

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