Mario Kart Birthday Cake Ideas

mario kart edible image cake topperHomemade cakes are a great way to create a memorable moment at your child's birthday party. Unfortunately, many parents are intimidated by the thought of making a cake but don't be. Here are a few ideas that range from simple to complex and they can all turn out fantastic !

Steering Wheel Cake
A round cake is naturally in the shape of a steering wheel! Simply add the spokes and the birthday message! You can get a little fancier and add some Mario Bros. figurines on top too…or add a few checkered flags to spice it up.

Mario Kart Character Cake
A fun and easy way to make a Mario Kart cake is to create a race-track and place Mario Kart figurines on the top. Remember, the tracks around Mario Kart really vary, so you can’t really mess it up! Simply ice the cake white and using black (or dark) icing create the track. The place the figurines on the cake in various locations as if they are racing. You will want to place a piece of aluminum foil on the bottom of each figurine so they aren't ruined afterwards. Or if you are concerned about messing the figurines up just add the Super Mario Bros. characters to the cake. The kids will love the fact that they get a character with their piece!

Star Cake
This is possibly the easiest cake that you will ever make! Simply take a star cake pan, frost the whole cake yellow and add jelly beans for the eyes. The kids will know exactly what the cake represents and it'll turn out fantastic!

Edible Image Cake Topper
A very simple and great looking cake is a Mario Kart edible image cake. Using one of the images below you apply it to a cake that has been iced with white icing. The image transfixes itself to the icing and makes a great looking image on the top of the cake. You can even customize many of the images below!

12x stand up Super Mario Kart edible wafer cupcake cake toppers birthday PRE CUT

12x stand up Super Mario Kart edible wafer cupcake cake toppers birthday PRE CUT

US $11.19

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